Pharmaceutical and cosmetics label paper

Pharmaceutical and cosmetics label paper

Pharmaceutical and cosmetics label paper
From syrup bottles, pill containers and test tubes to cosmetic containers, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry demands the utmost performance when it comes to labeling. Our facestock papers are specifically designed to enhance the image of premium brands and ensure impeccable information identification.

With Ahlstrom-Munksjö Adercote™ Pharma, text is always perfectly readable, even when font sizes are very small. This is very important in applications, such as test tubes. The cleanliness level of Adercote™ Pharma complies with most common standards required. Nothing will interfere with the labeling process or disturb the essential printed information, especially with prescription medicines. Special care is also given to an appropriate level of opacity to avoid any see-through.

Key benefits

  • Excellent printing results
  • Superior gloss
  • Premium opacity
  • High whiteness


Adercote™ Gergloss is a low basis weight one-side coated paper with excellent technical properties for self-adhesive labeling applications. It enables you to produce premium labels with low basis weight (60 gsm), with outstanding printing quality, superior gloss and sublime whiteness.

With its perfectly smoothed surface, Ahlstrom-Munksjö Adercote™ Gergloss base paper has a really nice look that will create an eye-catching effect for your products on the shelves.


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