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NatureMold™ is Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s sustainable material for food packaging and baking. It is biodegradable and home compostable. End-products are easy and safe to use.

All materials for NatureMold™ come from renewable resources and end-products are biodegradable and home compostable.

Our materials work all the way from the production line to the industrial freezer, from the home freezer to the oven, and from microwave to table. Recommended utilization temperature range from -40˚C (-40˚F) to +220˚C (428˚F).

NatureMold material range

NatureMold™ is made of paperboard and Genuine Vegetable Parchment (GVP), which is 100% cellulose. The material has unrivaled wet strength and grease resistance. 

Naturemold structure

Multipurpose compostable packaging material

Heat resistant

  • NatureMold™ works all the way from freezer to oven and from microwave to table. It is safe to freeze and can be heated to 220⁰C (428⁰F) in the oven.


  • NatureMold™ contains genuine vegetable parchment that offers unmatched wet strength and is highly tear resistant in moist conditions.

Easy release

  • Our release coating is approved for direct food contact, eliminating the need for cooking oil during the packaging process.

Grease resistant

  • The unique parchmentizing process offers superior grease resistance without additional fluorocarbons or other chemicals.

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