Pet food and multiwall bag paper

Pet food and multiwall bag paper

Pet food and multiwall bag paper
Highly grease-resistant specialty papers specially designed for petfood bag inner and outer liners as well as other technical papers for multiwall paper bags.
  • Crack-fold resistance for impeccable bags
  • Excellent printability for outstanding shelf appeal
  • Outstanding grease resistance for impeccably stain-free petfood bags
  • Trouble-free runs on high-speed bag-forming lines
  • High mechanical properties for reliable and efficient converting processes
  • White or unbleached for a high-end and/or authentic look

Dry pet food with high fat content calls for very special cat and dog food bags. The paper must protect the contents, while the outer surface must look good on the shelf – with no grease stains. Paper bags are pre-formed bags with 2 to 4 plies. They are printed (gravure, flexo, offset), varnished, laminated, converted into bags and filled.

Stain-free pet food bags for high-speed pellets filling machine

Ahlstrom-Munksjö’ packaging papers are exceptionally robust to withstand the extreme constraints that are exerted on high-speed cat and dog food bag forming lines. They are developed to perfectly defy the heat and grease of the pellets and, importantly, the high filling speeds and variable weights (up to 15 kgs or more) of the highest performing automatic filling lines.

Our AlipackTM for inner liners comes unbleached or white. Its resistance to grease is outstanding. Our Gervalux™ papers for outer liners are crack-fold and grease resistant. They also offer excellent printability. Your petfood bags will stand out remarkably on every store shelf.

Multiwall bags with durable options

Our grease resistance technology also enables durable multiwall options for nonfood items such as charcoal. These products provide a range of tear-strength properties. The outer ply layer offers great print characteristics, as well as superior strength to keep your product securely contained.

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