Cheese wrapping papers

Cheese wrapping papers

Sustainable solutions for cheese wrapping and cheese slices interleaving
Transparency or opacity options (even after waxing)
Ideally suited for cheese maturation and conservation (wet strength, controlled porosity, ...)
Excellent surface for lamination and printing
Cheese wrapping papers
Cheese wrapping papers from Ahlstrom-Munksjö optimize maturation and prolong shelf life while our release papers ease cheese slices interleaving.

Did you know that only in France there are more different cheeses than days in a year? To match your various presentation and conservation needs, Ahlstrom-Munksjö has developed a comprehensive range of wrapping papers and interleaving materials so that you find the best fit for your culinary specialty. At the end, there's no way to resist the temptation of a perfectly wrapped gourmet cheese.

Optimizing the maturation process of soft white cheese

After waxing, our RocalTM cheese wrapping papers can be either opaque or non-opaque. Smoothness, controlled porosity and wet strength are key features, but most importantly they play a key role in the maturation process of the cheese and prolong shelf life. RocalTM can either be laminated or one-side or two-side waxed. It all depends on the maturation process of the cheese; be it for cheese in portions, family size, white soft cheese...

For mozzarella or feta cheese wrappers, our CoralpackTM wrapping paper offers a very good grease resistant and wet strength combined with a good smoothness and printability for perfect protection and presentation.

Release papers for easy-to-separate cheese slices

Separate. Release. Repeat. Prepera® Dairy Papers keep individual cheese slices neatly separate, while easily releasing from products that have been vacuum packaged, frozen or thawed. Offering a breadth of performance options, our paper-based solutions are designed to address a variety of needs in today’s refrigerated and frozen food categories.

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