Yogurt lid and bundlewrap packaging papers

Butter and margarine wrapping paper

Excellent grease resistance for stain-free packaging
Wet strength for intact packaging, with no mold
Lamination, printing, ink-free patterning and converting aptitudes
Natural, sustainable and complying with local food contact regulations (BfR/FDA)
Butter and margarine wrapping paper
Sustainable grease-resistant wrapping papers that keep butter and margarine fresh and its packaging appealing and stain-free.

To be at their best until final use, butter and margarine needs a special grease-resistant wrapping paper. Our comprehensive portfolio of materials helps brands to develop sustainable stain-free packaging while preserving product freshness.

Find your best grease-resistant wrapping paper

As a leading butter wrapping paper supplier, Ahlstrom-Munksjö has a wide range of technologies to meet exactly your packaging needs:

Our SulpackTM greaseproof paper offers an absolute grease barrier. It is using our unique Genuine Vegetable Parchment technology.

Our treated wrapping papers range Preperaâ or CoralpackTM offers from very good to excellent grease resistance levels. It is available in one-side or two-side treated versions, for an optimal adhesion.

All papers are wet-resistant to keep packaging intact so that no moisture from the butter can get out, and no surrounding moisture from the shelf gets in.

Suitable for direct print or lamination

When used as direct wrap (not laminated), paper can be directly printed.  This option is privileged for a more authentic and traditional look. Our grease-resistant papers also offer excellent lamination aptitude for a distinctive final high end look. 

Unique ink free patterning capability

Genuine vegetable parchment is a greaseproof paper which offers the ultimate brand experience. You can decide to color your parchment with a range of BfR and FDA approved colors for a more vibrant branding. We also offer unique ink-free patterning possibilities ensuring a strong brand recognition and protection against counterfeits. 

Easier to get your products OK compost certified

The strong sustainable approach of our offering also includes OK Compost HOME and OK compost INDUSTRIAL certified products. The certification of our products makes the process for our customers much easier when they want to start get certified OK compost HOME or OK Compost INDUSTRIAL on their side.

Let us know your project and we’ll find the most appropriate wrapping papers to best fit your need. food@ahlstrom-munksjo.com

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