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Coffee flexible packaging

Coffee flexible packaging
Be it for bags, sachets, outer plies or lids, our high- performance papers cover every need for appealing coffee packaging. Our papers for coffee beans bags are grease resistant and offer superb printability which give these bags an exceptional shelf presence.

The advanced coating for crack-fold resistance of GerstarTM 624 and GerstarTM 604 prevents cracking even in the harshest conditions making sure that the product always looks appealing despite frequent openings and closings at home, in restaurants or take-away coffee shops. For pouches or sachets, our GerbierTM HDS 35 g/m² is the lowest basis weight on the market, enabling more sustainable packaging with high performance. 

Key benefits:

  • Crack-fold resistance for bags that stay impeccable
  • Excellent grease resistance for stain-free bags that stay looking good on any shelf
  • Outstanding printability, smoothness and gloss for high stand-out in-store


End-use applications include:

  • Coffee bean bags
  • Coffee portion sachets
  • Outer ply for ground coffee bags
  • Instant coffee lids

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