Reliance® Dextex High Performance Sterilization Wraps


Reliance® Dextex sterilization wraps have a long history of use in the sterilization industry and are well recognized throughout the globe for their reliable performance. 


Reliance® Dextex wetlaid nonwovens are available in 100% cellulose or blended with PET fiber. All our wetlaid are micrexed for increased drapeability and comfort.

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Reliance® Dextex single use sterilization wraps help to prevent microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, spores) from easily gainingaccess to the tray contents, allow sterilization, provide physical protection, maintain sterility up to the point of use and allow aseptic presentation.





Reliance® Dextex wraps are available in a broad range of performance properties and
colors. Satisfy your basic needs in addition to your heavy duty wrapping requirements that demand higher strength and durability.


  • Sterilization wraps for terminally sterilized medical devices
  • Overwrap for single use Custom Procedure Trays (CPT)
  • Tray liner for moisture absorption and protection of the tray

Benefits and Characteristics


Reliance® Dextex sterile barrier systems offer excellent bacterial barrier thanks to cellulosic fibers that create the best-in-class tortuous path for excellent sterility maintenance.


  • Helps to prevent wet-packs
  • Soft and strong
  • Low lint
  • Fluid and alcohol repellant


Reliance® Dextex sterilization wraps are available in a wide variety of industry standard sheet sizes and packaging configurations.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö can even customize your sterilization wrap packaging to satisfy any private label contract manufacturing areas of interest. Please contact us for more information!


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