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Beverage filter media and packaging solutions

Papers for classic or compostable coffee and tea bags, capsules, pods, pouches, and flexible packaging materials to achieve the perfect drinking experience.


Coffee packaging solutions

Classic or compostable single serve filter and flexible packaging solutions that help you achieve correct brewing time, perfect crema, and pure coffee taste.

  • Coffee capsules for the most common capsules systems, both for drip and espresso preparation
  • Coffee pods developed for espresso preparation
  • Coffee pouches made from 100% renewable materials
  • Coffee flexible packaging materials to manufacture ground or bean coffee bags, lids and sticks for instant coffee


Tea packaging solutions

Full range of tea packaging solutions including classic and compostable & plastic-free tea bag materials, whether heat sealable, ultrasonic or non-heatsealable, as well as our tea bag envelope materials.

  • Compostable oil based plastic free teabag solutions for ultrasonic or heatsealable sealing machines
  • Heatsealable tea bag material for square and round teabag packaging machines
  • Non-heatsealable tea bag material for double chamber teabag packaging machines
  • Tea bag envelope material protecting all the subtle tea flavors


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High performance medical fabrics

Our diverse product portfolio of fabrics for use in the construction of surgical drapes and gowns is designed to meet the demanding performance needs of high-risk surgeries. Our range of sterilization wraps is developed to maintain sterility of surgical instruments until the point-of-use, protecting patients' safety.


Medical barrier fabrics

Comprehensive product portfolio of innovative medical fabrics that provide the utmost protection and comfort for the health care workers and patients in surgical and clinical environments.   

  • ViroSēl™ Breathable Viral Barrier (BVB) fabric is constructed to be impervious, breathable and comfortable. The specially formulated design provides the opportunity to create robust seam seals for highly critical areas of a surgical gown  
  • TrustShield™ is a versatile portfolio of medical fabrics that can be used to provide protection against surgical lasers, viral, chemical and chemotherapy drug permeation and are highly absorbent
  • PureArmor™ personal protective apparel BVB fabric is specifically developed for sensitive environments. It is designed strong and soft, is highly breathable and provides an excellent barrier to protect both the wearer and the working environment


Sterilization wraps

Our Reliance® range of rolled and sheeted fabrics can be used for sterilization wraps, packaging systems and absorbent tray liners.

  • Crepe, wetlaid and SMS fabrics in a variety of colors and basis weights
  • Reliance® Tandem interleaved solutions combine different technologies, each offering specialized performance properties for wrapping. The use of two colors clearly differentiates between the two layers during transport, storage and in the operating room allowing damage to be easily seen
  • Reliance® Solo single-step wrapping solutions offer two bonded sheets of SMS for faster wrapping and unwrapping without compromising sterility and aseptic opening


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Disruptor® - Our Alternative for Water Purification

Not directly comparable to any other water filtration media now in the market, this technology removes a wide range of submicron particulates, organic acids, virus, bacteria, cysts, cell debris and trace pharmaceuticals making water safe to consume with very low or no energy consumption.


Disruptor® is a an electroadsorptive technology, not a mechanical filter media. Due to its crystal structure the mineral creates a natural, strong positive charge which attracts the negative charge present on most submicron contaminants.


Point-of-entry (POE) and Point-of-Use (POU) applications

Personal and residential

  • In a single or multi-layer Disruptor® stand-alone format for biological removal
  • In combination with CTO (Carbon Blocks) for biological removal, chlorine, and/or heavy-metal removal with e.g. ion exchange chemistry
  • Gravity applications such as countertop dispensers, rain water treatment, roof top filters, etc.

Residential and commercial

  • Before RO system for reducing RO membrane fouling
  • After RO system for biological removal and improved water taste


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