Discover Disruptor®, our media for water purification

Discover Disruptor®, our media for water purification


Not directly comparable to any other water filtration media now in the market, Disruptor® removes a wide range harmful contaminants, including viruses, bacteria and trace pharmaceuticals, making water safe to consume with very low or no energy consumption.

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Disruptor® is an electroadsorptive technology. Due to its crystal structure the mineral creates a natural, strong positive charge which attracts the negative charge present on most submicron contaminants.


Due to the open media structure, Disruptor® can be used in a wide range of end uses, covering both pressurized water purification systems as well as gravity flow applications.


In addition to outstanding pathogen performance, the filter media is also available with special functionalities such as chlorine removal, heat-sealing, and  antimicrobial treatment to prevent bacteria build-up. 


Why choose Disruptor®?


Ability to efficiently and cost-effectively remove a wide range of contaminants (bacteria/legionella, viruses, etc.) from water




Energy saving or no energy required thanks to very low pressure drops compared to other competing technologies as membranes




Improved taste and odor thanks to the removal of chlorine and other contaminants




Used as a stand alone solution or in combination with other technologies. It can be used in pleated configurations to fit any size filter housing, or in the format of die cut flat samples.



Key applications of Disruptor® include:


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