Discover Disruptor® at WQA Convention and Exposition

Discover Disruptor® at WQA Convention and Exposition


Not directly comparable to any other water purification media currently in the market, Disruptor® is an electro-adsorptive technology, not a mechanical filter media.

With its ability to efficiently remove a wide of harmful contaminants from water, Disruptor® finds ideal application in personal and residential water filtration devices, such as pitchers, countertop devices, as well as reusable water bottles.

The upcoming WQA Convention and Exposition will open its doors April 1st. Don't miss your chance to meet our team and discover more about our solutions to your water purification needs!


WQA Convention and Exposition - Orlando, FL - April 1st - 3rd

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Disruptor® has the ability to efficiently remove a wide range of harmful contaminants (submicron  particulates, organic acids, virus, bacteria, cysts, cell debris and trace  pharmaceuticals) from water, making it safe to consume.

Due to the open media structure, Disruptor® can be used in a wide range of end uses, covering both pressurized water purification systems as well as gravity flow applications.

In addition to outstanding pathogen performance, the filter media is also available with special functionalities such as chlorine removal, heat-sealing, and  antimicrobial treatment to prevent bacteria build-up. 

Key applications of Disruptor® include: