Sulpack® for food wrapping
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Sulpack® for food wrapping

Sulpack® for food wrapping
We perfected a food wrapping paper that does everything you want it to. Meet Sulpack®.

Ideal for dairy and food wrapping, Sulpack® protects from light, oxygen, water, vapor and impurities. This Genuine Vegetable Parchment (GVP) material is pure, hygienic and acts as a natural barrier to grease even when wet. It’s suitable for direct food contact and ensures that no loose fibers stick to the product. It's the ideal substrate for wrapping yellow fats and packaging greasy, sticky or wet products.

Key benefits

  • Natural grease barrier with no chemical additives
  • Water resistant
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • 100% virgin cellulose
  • Biodegradable*
  • Clean surface with no loose fibers
  • Safe for direct food contact


  • Wrap for butter, fat and margarine
  • Wrap for fish and meat
  • Packaging for frozen foods
  • Interleaves for fruit roll sweets

What is Genuine Vegetable Parchment (GVP)?

GVP is a unique, totally natural paper made from 100% virgin cellulose fiber. It does not require the use of chemical additives to form a barrier against grease. The simple process of modifying a relatively normal paper into vegetable parchment creates a material with a number of unique yet natural properties.

GVP has excellent strength and heat resistance up to 428⁰F/220⁰C, with no loose fibers to contaminate the final product. It is pure and safe for direct food contact.

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*96% minimum, up to 99% biodegradable depending on variant, in controlled conditions according to ISO 14855.

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