Butter and margarine wrapping papers
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Butter and margarine wrapping papers

Butter and margarine wrapping papers
Grease resistance is a key feature of our Coralpack™ paper for butter and margarine wrapping. We make sure your brand isn't compromised by unsightly grease stains.

To be at their best from purchase until final use, butter and margarine needs a special paper that preserves freshness. Grease resistance is an outstanding feature of our Coralpack papers for butter and margarine wrapping. Ahlstrom-Munksjö Coralpack™ is available in two versions, one-side and two-side treated.

Grease resistant Coralpack™ offers always-stain-free butter and margarine packaging. Its wet strength will keep packaging intact so that no moisture from the butter can get out, and no surrounding moisture from the shelf gets in.

Excellent lamination aptitude means every piece of butter has a high-end look. Our direct wrap, which is directly printable, offers a more authentic and traditional look.


Key benefits

  • Grease resistance for always-stain-free butter and margarine packaging on the store shelves and at home
  • Perfect surface for lamination and extrusion for efficient converting
  • Wet strength for perfect product conservation in humid conditions


For more information, please contact graphics.packaging@ahlstrom-munksjo.com

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