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Chocolate packaging papers

Chocolate packaging papers
The delight of discovering an unspoiled piece of chocolate starts with the pleasure of unwrapping it. From the wrapping of chocolate tablets and crimped cups for chocolate bouchées, to cushion pads or sachets for filled chocolates, our packaging papers make chocolate irresistible.

We make sure that chocolate of any size or shape is packaged to perfection. Translucent or opaque, traditional or super-glossy, in white, in black or brown, or whatever your brand needs to stand out, our papers excite expectations.

However your chocolate or chocolate bouchées in crimped cups need to be protected the Ahlstrom-Munksjö range has the answer, from light Cristal™ papers of 40 g/m² to heavyweight Gervalux™ of 100 g/m².


Key benefits

  • Crack-fold resistance and good dead fold for impeccably folded chocolate tablets, even after multiple openings and closings
  • Crimping for appealing displays of chocolate bouchées
  • Excellent printability and excellent gloss for mouthwatering chocolate bar packaging that attracts consumers' attention at the point-of-sale
  • Grease resistance for appetizing stain-free chocolate packaging to actively support sales


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