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Fast Food Packaging Papers

Fast Food Packaging Papers
Whether for take-away food bags, sachets for fries or hamburgers, boxes for pizza or hamburgers, or ovenable trays and wraps, our papers fit every need.

Whatever is on the menu, we provide the most appropriate packaging materials. Be it for a brand new shape or package, or for superior lamination, or just for impeccable corrugation, our papers allow for perfect packaging of all types of take away food.

Our huge range of basis weights (from 32 to 90 gsm) and grease resistance levels make Ahlstrom-Munksjö packaging papers suitable for all kinds of fast food, from a tiny French fry to a complete meal. And don’t worry, our wet- strength treatment will keep the sauce or juice inside so your fingers stay clean outside.

Enjoy your meal!

Key benefits

  • Grease resistance for stain-free sachets and boxes – food stays tasty and fingers stay clean
  • Heat resistance to withstand high food cooking and conservation temperatures
  • Transparency for easy product identification and enhanced presentation
  • Wet strength for perfect product conservation even in humid conditions
  • White or unbleached for product differentiation – appropriate to requirements for a classical (white) or traditional (unbleached) look


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