Crimped cup packaging papers
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Crimped cup packaging papers

Crimped cup packaging papers
For crimped cups, Ahlstrom-Munksjö papers allow for perfect baking, superior presentation and optimized peel-off. They offer crimping and excellent slip-easy properties, as well grease resistance for efficient, trouble-free de-nesting.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Coralpack papers offer excellent heat resistance, grease resistance and slip-easy properties.

Our colored Cristal and Aderpack papers offer enhanced presentation, perfect for individual home-made cakes and high-end patisserie products.

Converters appreciate that our papers support trouble-free runs on high-speed crimping and automatic de-nesting machines.


Key benefits

  • Crimping and slip-easy properties for trouble-free and efficient converting processes
  • Gloss for enhanced presentation
  • Grease resistance for stain-free baking and presentation cups
  • Heat resistance to withstand high baking temperatures
  • Large choice of colors suitable for any occasion
  • Release properties for easy “no-crumbs” removal of cup cakes
  • Transparency for easy product identification and superior presentation


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