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Ahlstrom’s portfolio of hydraulic filter media offers complete solutions for all hydraulic applications, including filtration systems that require very high particulate removal efficiency, maximum cleanliness of fluids and superior mechanical performance.

The following technologies are part of our portfolio for hydraulic applications

Microglass Media
– High filtration efficiency at small particle sizes with optimal ratio between efficiency and dust holding capacity (DHC)
– Optional dual-layer structure, including pre-filter and fine-filter to maximize DHC, offered for entire grade range
– Extensive flexibility and capability to laminate protective scrim for improved mechanical and processing performance

Cellulose-Based Media
– Good balance between efficiency and DHC
– Favorable processing and pleating performance
– Various efficiency and DHC levels available to meet your specific needs


Trinitex® technology
– Superior mechanical strength thanks to high synthetic fiber content and integral three-layer structure 
– Minimal glass shedding as glass fibers are securely imbedded within the synthetic media structure
– Excellent media processing performance (high speed pleating) thanks to the single integral structure 

Fine-Fiber media
– Flexible and customizable for specific needs
– Lamination with carrier media allows the design of self-supportive media with both high efficiency and high DHC, eliminating the need to co-pleat with plastic or metal mesh

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