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Fuel filtration series

Fuel filtration series

Different types of fuel around the world are subject to organic and inorganic impurities. Basic filter media will not protect your machinery from many contaminants that have a low micron rating. 

Ahlstrom-Munksjö has developed a variety of products to meet these exact needs. They range from 100% cellulosic to 100% fine fibers.  We make them in single, double and multiple layers to deliver the exact degree of protection required

  • Cellulose (with microfiber glass or 100% cellulose) 
  • Fine fiber laminate (with high capacity and fuel water separation with standard fuels)
  • Advanced composites for biodiesel and aggressive fuel water separation

Our microglass products remove particles in the range of 3μ to 6μ. We incorporate hydrophobic chemistries into our media to provide the best possible fuel/water separation.

To benefit the environment we’ve developed advanced products for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel applications, as well as achieving a breakthrough in biodiesel markets.

Our fuel filtration series at a glance:

 For more information, contact us at: filtration@ahlstrom-munksjo.com

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