GenSaver™ and GenSaver™ Color
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GenSaver™ and GenSaver™ Color

GenSaver™ and GenSaver™ Color

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Technological progress now allows testing of an impressively wide variety of specimens collected from the human body. The proper collection and preservation of samples is a crucial step in screening for infectious diseases, for biological evidence, or for investigation into the role of genetic factors.

Specifically designed for the forensics and the biobanking markets, Ahlstrom-Munksjö's GenSaver™ specimen collection cards offer a simple and cost-effective method for collection, transportation and storage of biosamples at ambient temperatures.

GenSaver™, developed for blood collection, and GenSaver™ Color, recommended for colorless biosamples, have proved to produce significantly high DNA yields and to provide high-quality genetic profiles after several years of storage at ambient temperatures. 

GenSaver™ cards make the collection and preservation of DNA easy, reliable and durable.

GenSaver™ and GenSaver™ Color are made of pure absorbent fibers impregnated with a new-to-market proprietary stabilizing chemistry intended to prevent environmentally induced degradation, thus allowing long-term preservation of DNA at ambient temperature.

GenSaver™ 2.0 and GenSaver™ Color 2.0 offer additional features preventing the growth of micro-organisms during long-term DNA ambient storage.


Key Features

  • Long-term ambient protection of DNA from dried matrix spots
  • High qualitative and quantitative DNA recovery
  • High quality STR profiles and NGS data
  • Suitable for direct DNA amplification from a paper punch

They are available in a variety of formats with 1, 2 or 4 spots for collection, to better accommodate your sampling requirements. Design is also customizable according to your needs.


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