InFuse (Heatsealable) teabags
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InFuse (Heatsealable) teabags

InFuse (Heatsealable) teabags
We believe our ideas shouldn’t just help our customers make better tea. We want our ideas to make tea better. At Ahlstrom-Munksjö, everything we do is geared towards making he perfect cup from every tea bag.

InFuse (heat-sealable) filter webs

For conversion on single or double chamber heat-seal tea packing machines, our InFuse family of products provides strong seals, fast conversion, excellent infusion, integrity during infusion. We also offer custom patterns through textilisation.

InFuse filter webs offer optimal conversion on single or double chamber heat-seal tea packing machines and provide strong seals and fast conversion.

Key benefits„

  •  Outstanding taste through ideal infusion
  •  Optimal conversion
  •  Patterning capability through textilization


All materials used to manufacture these grades are certified in accordance with US FDS regulation 21 CFR176.170 and/or EU regulation 1935-2004.


Our heat-sealable filter webs are designed for square and round teabag packaging machines.

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