Quality and Environmental

Quality Management Systems - ISO 9001  

Ahlstrom Munktell has implemented Quality Management System which are confirmed by certification to comply with all the requirements of the DIN/SS EN ISO 9001:2000 norm.

It is the application of these Quality Management Systems that guarantees a high quality standard and competitiveness in constantly more demanding markets and proceeding internationalization.

Moreover, the certification is a token of customer orientation from product design to customer service. Continuous product evolution and improvement of existing production processes help us outperform the required quality standard. 

Along with a competent service, these merits will contribute to the acquisition of new customers and the strengthening of our existing relations.


As many of our products are used in medical-technical applications our manufacturing and quality control procedures comply with GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES (GMP) and ISO 13485. Each step of the manufacturing process, from incoming materials through production and finished products, is documented, validated and controlled. Upon request, we can supply certification of test data. Our Quality Management System is supervised and certified by Intertek SEMKO AB, Stockholm, Sweden and Medical Products Agency, Uppsala, Sweden. 

Our filter products are CE-marked as follows:

Class 1: 
MS-20, MS-20/GS, MS-40-S, MS-40-S/GS, MS-46, MS-64/GS, SUCTOGARD, MS-61, MS-61/GS, LP-10-38, LP-10-80, LASERTRAP

Class 2 a:
MS-40, MS-41, MS-681, LP-025, LP-050, connectors

Directive 98/79/EC
The basic requirements of directive 98/77/EC, annexes I and III (other IVD) meets TFN sample carrier paper.

Environmental Management System - ISO 14001

n order to control the influence that our products and processes have on the environment have implemented the aquirements of ISO 14001 as a guideline. This means that we must have full control over our

  • incoming products
  • production/processes
  • waste/waste disposal
  • environment legislation

Our main targets are to minimize any negative influence on the environment that might occur in our processes and to always improve our performance. ISO 14001 provides us with the elements of an effective environmental management system which we have integrated without other management requirements in order to achieve environmental and economic goals.