The Range 4

19 Jan, 2022

Let’s color the world together!

Launch of THE RANGE 4 – our new solid color guide.

We proudly present and are happy to share with you our new solid color guide for the HP,  CP, and LP laminate industry: THE RANGE 4.
Join us on an inspiring journey and discover THE RANGE 4, a convenient tool for selecting colors that meet the needs of interior decorating.

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In a short webcast, Designer/Art Director Didier Galerne, Business Development Manager Giulio Giulianelli, and VP of Marketing & Communication, Sébastien Alainé, will introduce our brand new color guide.

  • THE RANGE 4 is a selection of 208 solid colors, from the purest white to the most intensive colors. The collection is divided into NEUTRAL and INTENSE colors with 13 color families each. Each color family proposes a variation of 8 color shades.
  • The RANGE 4 is a wide offering of decor paper based on our latest trend analysis. All colors from this collection are suitable for LPL, CPL, and HPL transformation processes.
  • The RANGE 4 is a convenient guide for selecting colors that meet the needs of interior decorating and an effective tool to help you build your collections.

Didier Galerne

Designer - Art director

  • Paris – France
  • More than 40 years in the decor business
  • Freelance Consultant

Trend analysis
Global concept and creations for interior and exterior projects

Sébastien Alainé

VP Marketing & Communication

  • A-M Arches - France
  • 13 years in decor papers
  • B.Sc in Sales & Marketing
  • MSc. in International Marketing

Product management 
Operational & strategic marketing
Design coordination

Giulio Giulianelli

Business Development Manager -  Solid Colors

  • A-M Aalen – Germany
  • Over 19 years in decor and printing area
  • Business Economist

Operational & strategic business development
Design & color management