Color Trends 2021/2022

22 Jul, 2021


The circumstances that have surrounded all of us the last year have changed our lives in many ways. In a time where human beings have been spending more time at home than ever before, the importance of colors and comfort in our rooms has never been more important.

In this webcast, we will take you through a colorful journey. We will present our analysis of the latest trends in the decor business and furniture sector. We will also reveal our latest creation, a collection of new colors that will catch your attention and allow you to build your own world.

The speakers in this webcast include Designer/Art Director Mr. Galerne, with over 40 years of experience in the decor paper industry, Business Development Manager Mr. Giulianelli, and VP of Marketing&Communication, Mr. Alainé.


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Meet our color experts

Didier Galerne

Designer - Art director

  • Paris – France
  • More than 40 years in the decor business
  • Freelance Consultant

Trend analysis
Global concept and creations for interior and exterior projects

Giulio Giulianelli

Business Development Manager -  Solid Colors

  • A-M Aalen – Germany
  • Over 19 years in decor and printing area
  • Business Economist

Operational & strategic business development
Design & color management

Sébastien Alainé

VP Marketing & Communication

  • A-M Arches - France
  • 13 years in decor papers
  • B.Sc in Sales & Marketing
  • MSc. in International Marketing

Product management 
Operational & strategic marketing
Design coordination