Coated abrasives are complex and technical

Are you a coated abrasives manufacturer wishing to give a new dynamic to your projects? Take a coffee break with our abrasive paper base best experts. They will answer all your questions regarding your issues.

Coated abrasives are complex and highly technical.  The paper alone has an impact on the optimisation of your process and on the performance and quality of the finished product. That means it's essential to understand its advantages so that you can exploit them to the full. 

During 30 minutes you can get a rich, personalized and confidential overview on selected abrasive paper backing fundamentals, followed by an interactive question-and-answer time slot.

We'll help you identify the parameters you can control and take the precautions necessary to get the most out of the potential offered by your abrasive paper backing.

We can create an event  open to any member of your company : It will enable a 360° vision and understanding of a topic that matters within your organization. 


What will be the benefit of organizing a Coffee Break Sessions with your team?



  • Get knowledge about abrasive paper backings for  more efficient transformation process & daily operational handling


  • Have the opportunity to raise openly question to our best experts and get customized answers and new ideas out of the box 


  • Share experiences and get a common view to make it more easy to implement changes on the field


We will not sell you anything, it will be 100% sharing of expertise on abrasive paper base fundamentals and real-time feedback from our best technicians.

We've already chosen what we see as 4 key subjects, for which we can organise webinars, on demand and free of charge, for you and all your workers. Check out the subjects and sign up now.



What other topics shall we cover in the coming Coffee Break Sessions?


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Give us your suggestions: we’ll take them into account when planning our next webinars.


We look forward to seeing you when the new season goes out live (or before with the replay of season 1)!


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