Oct 29, 2014
The European Commission decides to close proceedings against Ahlstrom and Munksjö

Oct 24, 2014
Ahlstrom simplifies its structure and organization for faster execution and profitability improvement

Oct 24, 2014
Ahlstrom interim report January-September 2014: Profitability improved with strong sales growth in three business areas

Oct 13, 2014
Thomas Ahlström appointed Chairman of Ahlstrom's Nomination Board

Oct 13, 2014
Ahlstrom to publish January-September 2014 interim report on October 24, 2014

Oct 09, 2014
Changes in the Executive Management Team of Ahlstrom

Oct 09, 2014
Ahlstrom to withdraw from Porous Power Technologies

Oct 07, 2014
Ahlstrom Corporation to sell its shares in Suominen to Ahlström Capital

Oct 01, 2014
Robin Ahlström appointed Chairman of the Board of Ahlstrom

Oct 01, 2014
Pertti Korhonen resigns as Chairman of the Board of Ahlstrom

Sep 26, 2014
Change in the shareholding of Ahlstrom Corporation

Sep 26, 2014
Ahlstrom's financial information in 2015

Sep 17, 2014
Final tender results for the voluntary tender offer by Ahlstrom

Sep 15, 2014
Listing prospectus for Ahlstrom EUR 100 million bond now available

Sep 11, 2014
Ahlstrom reopens voluntary tender offer

Sep 04, 2014
Ahlstrom issues EUR 100 million bond

Sep 01, 2014
Ahlstrom considers issuance of a new bond and announces a voluntary tender offer for its outstanding bond

Aug 20, 2014
Changes in the Executive Management Team of Ahlstrom

Aug 06, 2014
Ahlstrom interim report January-June 2014: Profitability improved largely driven by better cost structure

Jul 29, 2014
Ahlstrom to publish January-June 2014 interim report on August 6, 2014

Jun 16, 2014
Ahlstrom grants President and CEO Marco Levi retention shares as part of long-term incentive plan

Jun 06, 2014
Composition of Ahlstrom's Nomination Board

May 28, 2014
Changes in the shareholding in Ahlstrom Corporation

May 16, 2014
Marco Levi appointed President and CEO of Ahlstrom Corporation

Apr 29, 2014
Profitability shows signs of improvement

Apr 15, 2014
Ahlstrom to publish January-March 2014 interim report on April 29, 2014

Apr 01, 2014
Ahlstrom's restated segment information for 2013 based on new business area structure

Mar 25, 2014
Decisions taken by Ahlstrom Corporation's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and Board of Directors

Feb 28, 2014
Ahlstrom's 2013 reports published

Feb 25, 2014
Ahlstrom and Munksjö have received a Statement of Objections from the European Commission

Feb 11, 2014
Changes in the Executive Management Team of Ahlstrom

Feb 10, 2014
Ahlstrom completes the sale of Paulinia plant to Suominen

Feb 05, 2014
Ahlstrom's underwriting of convertible hybrid bond notes issued by Suominen has ceased

Feb 04, 2014
Ahlstrom to modify its Executive Management Team

Jan 30, 2014
Ahlstrom's Board of Directors approved long-term share-based incentive plan 2014-2018

Jan 30, 2014
Notice of Ahlstrom Corporation's Annual General Meeting

Jan 30, 2014
Ahlstrom Financial Statements Bulletin 2013: Ready to implement the new growth strategy

Jan 30, 2014
Ahlstrom to expand its rightsizing program to EUR 50 million

Jan 24, 2014
Ahlstrom's Nomination Board makes proposals to the Annual General Meeting for composition and remuneration of the Board of Directors

Jan 21, 2014
Changes in the Executive Management Team of Ahlstrom Corporation

Jan 20, 2014
Ahlstrom to publish Financial Statements Bulletin 2013 on January 30, 2014

Jan 10, 2014
Ahlstrom to sell its Paulínia plant in Brazil to Suominen

Jan 09, 2014
Ahlstrom has sold Munksjö shares worth EUR 11.8 million

Jan 02, 2014
Ahlstrom completes the sale of its West Carrollton plant to West Carrollton Parchment and Converting