Colour to make the technical difference in abrasive

Colour to make the technical difference in abrasive

Imagine new abrasive horizons

Francis Poirot

To enable its customers to stand out from the crowd and win over new end users, Ahlstrom-Munksjö has launched World of Colours  collection, a series of batch colour dyes that give heavyweight papers a great «design» look! Five original plain colours that can be applied on any Made in Arches heavyweight papers are now available to make the marketing and technical difference. Francis Poirot, abrasive technical director at Ahlstrom-Munksjö for more than 10 years, explains to us why colours are a great technical asset.

Colours… Does it sound this is just a new marketing tool?

For sure colour offers many new marketing perspective to promote a new technical feature, a brand or a special event and even help final users to make the best choice and use of abrasives (see article1), but our colours have been designed and developed to meet also precisely technical issues our customer face on abrasive markets.

What kind of technical challenges can colour solve?

BlottingThe abrasive market grows for ever finer grit sizes, also in the industrial and woodworking industry where heavyweight backings are used to produce abrasive sanding belts. A through-dyed backing combined with a resin of the same colour and fine grit deposited in a thinner layer makes for a more qualitative and homogeneous effect. This is something we have been observing for many years now already in the waterproof business where colours and coloured coatings are demanded to solve such issues...

Another notable advantage: the most intense colours in the collection constitute optimum solutions for reducing marbling effects in your heavyweight papers. Indeed opacity plays a role for coated abrasive producers which face blotching issues. Hence a move from white or natural to grey, violet or red colours can enable to reduce marbling problems.

Beyond being a technical asset for fine grit production, can it also provide some technical features directly on the abrasive?

For an abrasive producer, it is key that the product look matches high-level of quality at Smudged printingany stage during the sanding process, and our customers struggle to keep the same abrasive appearance during the whole lifetime.

One significant aspect is that some intense colours of our colour collection make the marks left by the sanding pad on the back of the abrasive less visible.

 Besides a coloured backing having the same colour as the resing reduces the negative visual impact of the first signs of wear on the top of the abrasive. When the first grits and the resin are damaged, for sure the user will notice a decrease in performance, but visually the product will appear as less worn as the paper is not appearing with contrast and keeps the same colours as the resin. There is a psychological impact on the perceived performance for the final user.

More about the World of Colours collection

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