The four cornerstones of our strategy are Local Accountability, Efficiency and Agility, Customer Value, and Profitable Growth.

Our target is to achieve profitable growth in the fiber-based solutions market, which offers a positive growth outlook and is supported by sustainable market drivers. Our mission is to provide sustainable and innovative fiber-based solutions. By implementing the four cornerstones of our strategy – Local Accountability, Efficiency and Agility, Customer Value, and Profitable Growth – we can fulfil our vision of being a global leader in those chosen growth segments and achieve our financial targets.




Strategic cornerstones

  • Using a business-based operating model that promotes local accountability and profit responsibility enables flexibility and builds on a shared common culture
  • Efficiently utilizing the global common platform as well as the flexible and agile operating model
  • Delivering customer value through superior quality, advanced technology, deep know-how and tailored services
  • Ability to grow in selected niches of the fiber-based solutions segment

Strategic transformation continues 

In 2019, we successfully delivered on the planned synergy benefits from the Expera Specialty Solutions and Caieiras specialty paper mill acquisitions that were completed in October 2018. The cost synergy targets were exceeded and we are on track to benefit from the business synergies in 2020. We decided to implement a new business structure. This was a natural next step following the initial integration phase of Expera. The new structure became effective as of January 1, 2020.  

We actively developed our business portfolio and initiated a process where our Decor business could become a standalone operation. As a first step, we signed an agreement to acquire a Chinese decor manufacturer with state-of-the art assets. In addition, we made an acquisition to grow our highly profitable Liquid Technologies business and announced two divestments.

Updated: March 2020

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