The four cornerstones of our strategy are Local Accountability, Efficiency and Agility, Customer Value, and Profitable Growth.

Our target is to achieve profitable growth in the fiber-based solutions market, which offers a positive growth outlook and is supported by sustainable market drivers. Our mission is to provide sustainable and innovative fiber-based solutions. By implementing the four cornerstones of our strategy – Local Accountability, Efficiency and Agility, Customer Value, and Profitable Growth – we can fulfil our vision of being a global leader in those chosen growth segments and achieve our financial targets.



Using a business unit based operating model that promotes local accountability, enables flexibility and is built on a common culture. We strive to create an organization where everyday business decisions are decentralized. The Group outlines the strategic direction for the businesses, while each business unit is accountable for its financial performance and the implementation of the strategy. We focus on creating a culture with safe working environment, shared values and a collaborative attitude that enhances innovation and promotes an entrepreneurial spirit.


Efficiently utilizing our flexible and agile operating platform. We have an operating platform that efficiently and effectively supports our businesses. We develop and strengthen its flexibility and efficiency through investments, and we have continuous improvement programs to reduce fixed and variable costs as well as to minimize environmental impacts.


Deliver clear added value for customers through a high-quality product offering supported by advanced technology, deep know-how and tailored services. We have developed customized, fiber-based materials for many years, and have a strong research and development to develop innovative solutions together with customers. Communicating the benefits of our products and services to customers enables value-based pricing.


Ability to grow in selected niches of the fiber-based solutions segment with a positive growth outlook. We strive to develop organic growth opportunities through our geographical footprint, product development and the innovation opportunities in product areas where we are present. We operate in growing end-use segments and aim take advantage of this through organic investments and acquisitions.

Updated: December 2018

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