The Decor business area is a global, leading manufacturer of paper-based surfacing for wood-based materials such as laminate flooring, furniture and interiors. Decor develops versatile and high-tech solid color, print base and pre-impregnated papers for production of low- and high-pressure laminates and finish foils applications.

Decor paper

The global market for decor paper is driven by a growing population, accelerating urbanization and consumer preferences that favor more modern product designs and furniture that uses laminates. Growing affluence also sparks higher demand for interior decoration where laminates play an important part.

The Asian, South American and North American markets have higher growth potential and Ahlstrom-Munksjö sees a possible 3 to 5 percent global growth in the decor market in the next few years.

Decor’s largest product areas are print-based papers used in flooring and furniture and decor paper for high- and low-pressure lamination. HPL products are used in more demanding environments such as kitchens.

Innovation is a central feature in the decor business, and with changing consumer trends and demands, digital printing is swiftly gaining ground, and it is an area where Ahlstrom-Munksjö is making significant R&D developments to be at the forefront.

During the year, several new products were launched like 100%Color, which introduces new flexibility for designers and architects when working with compact laminates. In finish foils the M-Foil-PN product range was introduced with success as a completely new formaldehyde-free pre-impregnated paper concept.

Thin print paper

The business area also produces uncoated thin print paper used primarily by the pharmaceutical industry for patient information leaflets, cosmetic leaflets and other packaging inserts and outcerts. It is also suitable for certain books, literature and timetables. Key characteristics of thin print papers are high opacity, good folding properties and durability

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